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Account Questions
Is my account totally free?

Yes, your membership on our Linemypocket site is free, and we will not demand anything from you directly or indirectly for utilising our website. In fact, we will offer you a FREE bonus of £5.00 for becoming a member of our website. We also have no plans in the future to charge our customers.

Why should I login to Linemypocket site every time?

Once you are logged in to our site, you are automatically linked to our network of retailer shops online and you are then identified by our partner shops, thus tracking your purchase becomes possible.

If you are not logged into our site, our partners will not pay us for your purchases and we cannot pay you any Cashback. Therefore, you have to log in to our site every time you want to make a purchase and earn Cashback through us.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, we help our members by providing continuous support to get cashback and utilize our free service; nevertheless, if you wish to terminate your membership, you can do this anytime by just sending us a support ticket.

Can I have more than one Account?

Our terms and conditions clearly state that an individual can have only one account; therefore, it is not possible for you to have more than one account. The online merchants who have partnered with us have done so under the explicit understanding that they will provide service to only one account per person registered with us. Any violation of our terms and conditions in this regard will lead to suspension of the account without any prior notice.

What should I do if I have forgotten or lost my password?

Click on 'Login' on the homepage, then simply enter your email-id and click on "Send me a password" button under "Login Help".We will immediately send a new password to your email address.

How can I check my account balance?

To check your account log in to our site and click on "My Account" button on the top of every page.

What are the different transaction statuses in my account?

The status displaying in your account indicates the stage your transaction is in.

Pending: The merchant has tracked your transaction but not yet validated it. Merchants usually report a transaction as pending at first, before they check your payment details, returns etc.

Approved: The merchant has approved the transaction and Cashback has been added to your account.

Reversed/Failed: The merchant has reported to us that they will not pay for this transaction (goods returned, payment failed etc). Sometimes merchants can reverse or fail transactions if their terms are not being complied with, or they suspect fraud. If you think a transaction has been failed by the merchant inadvertently, please submit a ticket with all the necessary details of the transaction. We will contact the merchant and ask them to investigate this.

Paid: We have paid you the cashback through BACS.

Can my friends or family members use my account?

No. if you want any one else to enjoy our fantastic offers, and cashbacks we provide, you must refer the person your friend and you will receive £5 free cash from us for the referral.

No body is allowed to use YOUR account for their shopping online. If they procure under a different name, we cannot provide support for these sales and we will not process their enquiries, as the merchant may not make any payment for this.

Our relationship with our online partners is based on us monitoring the members and providing good quality product and service. If any of our members misuse the accounts we will be accountable.

About links and tracking
Can I use Linemypocket links externally?

We offer cashback on the purchases you make from the online shops while linked through our site. Therefore, you cannot make use of our links externally and still expect to get cashback.

What if I complete my purchase offline?

You should complete the transaction wholly online, while you are logged into our site. If you finish the purchase over the phone or by any other means, the retailer may not be able to track the transaction and may even decline it.

To make sure you get the cashback, please login to our site and utilize our links to finish the purchase. We will not be able to do much about their decisions regarding cashback payments if you do not finish the transaction while logged on to our site.

How do I make sure that my purchase is tracked?

Once you are logged into our site, your links to our partner online shops are automatically tracked. You are guaranteed of earning your cashback on your purchases by just logging in and you do not require any special settings or software on your system for this. However, following some basic steps will make tracking better.

  1. It is compulsory, before you proceed to make any purchase that you must log in to and click on the links for the retailers from our site.
  2. You must enable cookies on your browser; it is not difficult to do. Most computers and internet browsers under normal settings do have them enabled.
  3. Do remember our site is a cashback site, therefore, in order to ensure that your purchase is fully tracked you must finish your whole transaction in the same session. If you make the purchase over the phone or from other websites, you will not receive any cash back from Linemypocket.
  4. In the event of you shopping on other online sites, you must ensure that you clear all cookies before you log on to our site. In some rare cases, it is possible for other websites to plant cookies or software on your computer, which may lead to the commission being paid to them instead! (We have had only one or two incidents of these so far amidst tens of thousands of transactions).

How to enable Cookies in my browser?

To enable cookies, Please visit and follow the instructions given.

Missing cashback
When do I decide a cashback is missing?

Do not worry if your cashback credit does not show up in your account within a day or two. Once a purchase is made through our site the partner merchants will need to process the payment of commissions and then forward the commission to us. As soon as we receive the commission we will credit your account. Due to the reason that some of the merchants process transactions in batches and report to us only a few times a month, there may be some delay in tracking the payment, so please wait for a week or two before deciding that the transaction has not been tracked.

If your account is not updated within this period and the cash back does not show, please send us a support ticket and furnish us with as many details as you can about the purchase (order number, date, membership number, merchant etc.) which will help our merchants to investigate quickly. We will chase up with the retailer concerned and do our best to get your cashback for your purchase as soon as possible.

What should I do if my cashback is missing?

All you have to do is to send us your support request along with the necessary details regarding your purchases such as order number, date, membership number, merchant etc. We will do the rest and keep you updated on the progress.

I have a missing cashback but do not have my purchase details or lost it. Would you still be able to chase up with the merchant?

You will understand that the purchase details are essential to track the purchase with the merchant concerned to investigate why the cashback was not credited. It is not easy for the merchants to investigate or track your transaction. Therefore, they will not take any query from us, if we do not furnish them with full details of the purchase.

You need at least the minimum requisites like name of the merchant, product you bought, price, date and order number/membership number/reference number. Please keep the receipt or paperwork safe. If lost you can search for the email they sent you when you purchased the product with the details or you could try calling the merchant and ask them for the details.

My cashback is not showing the reasons for missing cashback or unreported sales?

There are thousands of transactions happening everyday without any problems. We update our accounts everyday as soon as we hear from the merchant. If the cashback is not displaying in your account even after your purchase, it means that either it is still too early or the merchant has not reported the sale to us yet. Sometimes, very rarely the transaction may not be tracked.

The general reasons for purchases not being tracked are

  1. Our member was not logged into our site. They have not used our links to make purchases.
  2. A member may not have cookies enabled in their browser or have some other security settings averting the tracking.
  3. The retailers will not pay if the purchase was completed over the phone, or by any other means, apart from utilizing our links. The purchase should be made entirely online.
  4. If merchants have issues with tracking links, we provide them with all the necessary details of the order they will verify it and generally pay the cashback. Under these circumstances, we will do our best to help you in getting your cashback by getting in touch with the relevant merchants.

Is there a time frame for reporting missing transactions?

Yes, as you will understand it is impossible to chase up any missing transactions that are too old. Therefore, if you have any missing transactions you must report this to us within 2 months. Simply submit a ticket to our helpdesk with all the relevant details of your transaction and we will chase it up with the merchant concerned.

Payment Questions
When is my Cashback paid?

Cashback is usually paid monthly for all members who have minimum of £25 in their Linemypocket account.

To become eligible to get Cashback you must first accrue the threshold limit of £25; but if you prefer to accumulate it further and wait for it to grow, you can do so, provided you update your profile accordingly.

Why do I need to earn £25 for getting paid?

In order to make it easy for us to serve you better, we have set £25 as the threshold limit. This enables us to offer you the best deals reduce administration costs, cover the welcome bonus, promotions, marketing costs etc.

Once you start making your purchases through our site, you will experience our true service in the form of your Cashback getting bigger and bigger. Moreover, you will realize that this limit is easily attainable. Setting £25 as the threshold limit also stops people trying to join repeatedly as members just to obtain the welcome cashback bonus we offer.

How is my cashback amount paid?
We make payments through BACS. Your BACS details should be updated in your profile page for us to make payments.

General Questions
How do I contact you?

All you have to do is submit a ticket at our Help Desk. We will respond to your query within 24 hours on weekdays.

Who can be a member of Linemypocket?

Anyone who is a UK resident and over the age of 18 is entitled to become a member of Linemypocket.

Is your site safe and secure?

Our site is entirely safe and protected. You need not have any concerns about this. As a policy, we do not seek information about your credit cards or bank accounts. For whatever information you do furnish us with, we make sure that the data is handled carefully and will never be shared with anybody except under orders in accordance with the law.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and are bound by its regulations.

How do you deal with fraud or misuse?

Please note that this site is open only for people residing in the UK who are aged over 18. Only one account is allowed per person. We are provided with reliable security systems for detecting misuse or suspicious activities. If we track anyone violating our Terms and Conditions in anyway, the account of the member will be suspended without any prior notice and no cashback will be paid to them.

In most cases, our systems will automatically suspend members, found to be involved in suspicious activities. Please understand that we have to do this to protect the interest of our members and our online merchant partners.

Do you need my credit card or financial details?

We will never ask for any of your credit card or financial details, since we do not take any payments from you. You only need to provide your valid address to ensure you reside in the UK. We will however require your BACS details to send payments. After clicking on the retailers link on our site, you will leave our site and make your purchase directly from the retailer.

Would it be cheaper to buy directly from the retailers?

You pay the same price either way, but if you use a special offer or voucher code on our website for purchasing goods, you may find it cheaper than buying directly from the retailers. Retailers never ask you to pay additional charges for shopping through our site. We give you the latest offers, exclusive deals, and fabulous discount voucher codes besides EXTRA cashback.

We will negotiate more cashback and cheaper deals with the retailers, as the purchasing power of our members grow. You do the same online shopping, but with same or even better prices along with EXTRA cashback. It is as simple as that!

How can you give away free cash? What is the catch?

There is absolutely NO catch! Online retailers pay commissions to websites for introducing customers. We share the commission with you, paying it in the form of cashback, instead of keeping it to ourselves as most websites and shopping directories do. Remember that you will not be charged either by us or by the retailer for using the links on our site.

Is joining Linemypocket and availing its service free?

Certainly. Your membership on our Linemypocket site is free, and we will not demand anything from you directly or indirectly for utilising our website. In fact, an additional £5 loyalty bonus will be credited to your account when you join our website.

I sent a ticket but you havent replied to me, why?

We reply to every ticket submitted to our helpdesk within 24 working hours. If you have not received a reply within this time please check your spam folder. Also please add to your contact list to ensure you get our replies.

Cashback Questions
How do I earn my cashback?

We offer cashback on every purchase you make depending upon the amount of commission paid to us by the online retailer. Registration with our site is completely free. We also offer you a welcome bonus of £5 for registration.

Initially, you will have to earn a minimum cashback amount of £25, which is the threshold limit, after which, the accumulated cashback will be sent to you through BACS.

When will the cashback show in my account?

Cashback will show in your account, once the transaction is tracked by the online merchant from whom the purchase was made. Reporting normally takes 24 hours to a week or two, because the merchants have their own time scales for processing the transactions and releasing the commission due to us. Some merchants process transactions in batches and report only once or twice a month, but it is quite unusual.

As soon as we receive the commission from the merchant we will credit your account.

Is there a minimum purchase I need to make for getting cashback?

There is no minimum purchase that you need to make for receiving cashback. Cashback is credited to your account right from your first purchase onwards. However, you need to have a minimum account balance of £25.00 as cashback, before it is paid to you.

Why is cashback failed or reversed?

This happens when our partner retailers have analyzed the sale/lead and decided not to pay us. This could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. You have returned the goods or canceled the services during the returns period.
  2. Your transaction was not fully completed online.
  3. Your credit/debit card was rejected.
  4. You did not satisfy the conditions of the merchant.

Only a few merchants have conditions. In these cases, we will describe the merchant description or put on view a "conditions" link where you can look at the conditions attached to the offer. Please note that gaming and betting merchants can decline or fail transactions if they suspect the user has registered only to get the cashback and not play on their site.

How much cashback can I earn?

There is no limitation for the cashback you receive. The more you purchase through our site, the more you can earn. Sometimes you can also earn cashback by participating in free trials, applying for quotations etc. Remember that you get £5.00 FREE cash, if you recommend your friends or family members to join Linemypocket. They will also receive a welcome bonus of £5 as you did.

Will I earn cashback if I use a voucher code?

Of course, we provide you with the link and the codes on Linemypocket. Make use of the code as instructed. Please note that the merchants may not track transactions to Linemypocket, and therefore you may not be paid if you utilize any discount or voucher codes found elsewhere.

Why is my cashback showing as "Pending"?

Initially, after you make a purchase, our partner merchants confirm the transaction to us as "pending" and this will be the initial status of all the purchases until the merchant confirms it. The retailers wait until the returns period has expired to ensure that the purchase wasnt returned and that the payment has cleared. They will then report to us that the transaction has been "approved" which we will update in your account.

Sometimes the transactions "fail" or "reverse" when people fail applications or return their products etc. Under these circumstances, we will also fail or reverse the cash back in your account. Please note our thousands of partner retailers have various time-scales to approve transactions. Retailers normally take between a few days to about 6 weeks or more in some cases to approve transactions.

What do I do if a purchase has been failed or reversed?

If your transaction shows as "failed" or "reversed" it means the merchant has failed the transaction and refused to pay the commission. The common reasons for the merchants to fail transactions are:

  1. Your order was not valid (i.e. invalid or incorrect details etc.)
  2. The goods were returned/order canceled during the returns period.
  3. You did not adhere to the terms of the offer or purchase. Please read the conditions and the merchant description carefully on our site before making a purchase.

This is vital for free offers and gambling merchants. Merchants can fail transactions if they suspect fraud or misuse. If you suspect that the merchant may have failed the transaction inadvertently (which is quite rare), please submit a support ticket to us with the required details of the purchase (order number/reference number/membership number, date, product, price etc.) explaining why it should not have been failed.

We will immediately get in touch with the merchant and request them to investigate, but please note that the merchant’s decision is final.

Incorrect cashback
I think that the cashback showing on my account is incorrect?

It is highly unlikely that the cashback shown is incorrect because the merchant informs us of the necessary details of the purchase. Some merchants will only pay commission on purchase amounts excluding VAT and some may not include postage or delivery costs in the amount they use to calculate the commission on. In order to pacify the customer some merchants will pay out a token amount such as 1 pound although this is rare.

It is also possible that Merchants can also change their commission rates from time to time. We update our site as soon as we are informed of these changes, so please check our site for the latest cashback rates.

Why has a merchants cashback rate changed?

In accordance with the changing market conditions, Merchants can also change their cashback rate and terms & conditions. As they change their terms & conditions, we update those on our site accordingly. Always check out the latest terms on our cashback shopping directory for clarifications.


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